Better Bet

Buy Yourself a Better Bet

Many of the savvy Crapshooters never make place bets on the 4, 5, 9 or 10 - they make buy bets instead. A buy bet will give you more bang for your buck - that is, you can decrease the casino's edge and take home a lot more of their money.

Plus, there are two secrets about buy betting which you'll learn in this article so you can make even more profits! When you place a bet you do not get the number's true odds, unless you buy the bet. If you place the 4 or 10 you get 9:5 odds instead of 2:1, and on the 5 or 9 you get 7:5 instead of 3:2. In order to buy a number, though, the casino requires a 5% commission or "vig".

You need to make this extra dollar or two turn from an advantage for the house to an advantage for you. For example, if you were to place bet $40 on the ten or four you would win $72 at 9:5 odds. However if you were to buy the four or ten for $40, you would pay a $2 vig (5% of $40) and win $80 at 2:1 odds so you would win more than you would have with a regular place bet. If you placed $50 on the five or nine you would win $70 (at 7:5) but if you bought the same number you would win $75 (at 3:2). Now here's where the first "secret" comes in. Many casinos will let you buy a bet for the same commission, but at a higher dollar level than 5%.

Lets look at the four and ten. The $2 vig mentioned before (5% of $40) would turn into $3 if you bought the four or ten for $60. However, most casinos will let you buy the four or ten for $50 (instead of $40) and still pay only the $2 vig! Buying the 4 or 10 for $50 will return $100 (at 2:1) instead of $90 (at 9:5). On the five and nine, you will pay a $3 vig (rounded up from $2.50) on a $50 bet. But you can ask if you can buy the five or nine for $70 and still pay only the $3 vig! Buying the 5 or 9 for $70 will return $105 (at 3:2) instead of $98 (at 7:5). Now, the second "secret" involves splitting your buy bets.

For example, some casinos will let you buy both the four and ten for $25 each and still only charge the $2 vig! This way, if both the four and ten hits, you'll win $100 instead of $90. And, some casinos will only collect the vig if you win. These methods are not normal procedures, so you have to ask before you make your bets. Buy bets are almost always more profitable than place bets, except for the six and eight. If you don't know how much to bet, just ask the dealer, and he'll be glad to help. So, the next time you consider a place bet on the 4, 5, 9 or 10, try buying the number instead. You'll win more, and every single dollar counts - especially if it ends up in your pocket rather than the casinos!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!