C. R. A. P. S.

C. R. A. P. S.

If you want to be happy and productive in your gambling, you must feel that you are learning and progressing in what you are doing. If you learn something from every game you play, you’ll be able to use that knowledge in future games to play differently, increase your confidence and, most importantly, make more money!

CRAPS can very well mean that you get: Consistent Results Applying Personal Success

Your personal success is achieved by winning more or losing less. You learn how to do this by studying, practicing at home, and applying the wisdom you have to the game in a disciplined fashion.

For example, I used to like hedge bets and once planned to bet don’t-come and then hedge each bet with a corresponding place bet. But when a hot looking shooter appeared, I bet on the pass line. And the come. And the hard ways. My “plan” just went by the wayside.

I had the knowledge but lacked the discipline, which resulted in inconsistent results.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Successful Crapshooters go into each game with a definitive system They know exactly how they’ll bet in advance, and never deviate from their plan. Not only do they win more money, but their increased personal success gives them increased self confidence as well!

The only way you can get consistent results is to apply wisdom to your game. Wisdom is knowledge applied. If you know what to do but don’t do it, you are courting disaster. If you don’t have a plan, read one of the many books on craps and get one. If you do have a plan, stick to it and don’t make any other bets. Then, learn from the results and apply your learning to the next game you play until you achieve consistent results.

Just remember, when you play CRAPS properly you’ll get Consistent Results Applying Personal Success!

And, as always, good luck at the tables!